Colorado Spring {Breakers}

Since we are blessed with two spring breaks at LMU, Lisa took me home with her to Colorado Springs. Thinking it wasn’t going to snow…we packed absolutely no snow clothes. So of course we woke up Wednesday morning to snow! But more like a blizzard, the wind shook the whole house, so it was a chill day {literally}.

We did venture outside for some v cold snowshoeing!

Colonel Strawbridge was the best and drove us to go tubing on Thursday! Our first stop was Idaho Springs where we got amazing pizza at Beau Jo’s and wandered around the town for about 5 minutes before I started to freeze.

“A day without you is like a day without chocolate”Then we went to Breckenridge for almost the exclusive purpose of getting crêpes. We waited about 30 minutes but they were totally worth it!

Continuing on to Keystone Resort, we went up the mountain with all the skiers & snowboarders to go tubing haha

Here is Lisa & I in matching military grade long underwear!!

On Friday, the weather started to clear up at little & we made it to Garden of the Gods.

In case you were wondering, we are now professional rock climbers…

Just kidding…those are optical allusions, we were only about 5 feet up hehe

Lis really liked this pic: so candid, so natural haha ily Cutie patootie am I right?!

The gainz are clearly starting to pay off…

BRB while we have a photoshoot in the middle of the road!

Thanks for the great day Leaf!

Saturday the Colonel showed me around the Air Force Academy! It was beautiful with the mountain behind it and the snow covering everything from last night’s snowfall. The cadets were also on spring break though, so the campus was very quiet.

Afterwards we went to The Broadmoor, which was straight out of a fairytale! I literally felt like I was at the Romanov palace…

We then traveled all the way to England…jk, but it sure felt like it. This little English Pub was brought over from Europe in pieces and put back together over here in Colorado!

They serve endless cheese and crackers…all I can say is good thing we came to the snow for spring break…

Fried pickles & potato wedges 🙂 plus Fish and Chips {my fav}!

Happy Easter! Lisa and I of course dyed eggs because we are 5. Look how cute Mr. Happy {Lisa’s nickname for Devon, her dog} is in his bunny ears!IMG_8522.jpeg

Thank you to the Strawbridge family for spoiling me all week! I think I gained 5 lbs from all the delicious food. Now back to LA for us…only 6 more weeks til summer!!


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