A Weekend with Jenn

LMU finally got a visit from Miss Jennifer Eiskamp! My roommate and partner in crime freshman year! It’s only been 10 months since we’ve seen each other…but we’re all so happy you made the 5 hour drive see us. Here are a couple pics from our fun weekend activities with the perfect 80 degree weather!

Day 1: Manhattan Beach {duh} Paradise Bowls not pictured because we devoured them!

Day 2: Oops the beach again! Just can’t stay away

It was a perfect day for some volleyball and photo creds go to Petar for getting these great shots! Our game was obviously boys vs. girls {tbt to middle school} and…uhh…the boys might have won…not pictured are Natalie, Petar, Pierce and Brendan!

After the beach we were all starving and Manhattan was packed so we detoured to the Del Rey Deli which was a first for me and it definitely did not disappoint! Jenn is clearly not very excited about our sandwiches…

We ended the night with a late dinner at Urth Caffe in Santa Monica with the original Tenderich 112 roomies!

Andddd as a bonus, here’s evidence of Pierce being a basic bitch. PC: Natalie at the perfect moment! However, Jenn and I did get Paradise Bowls two days in a row so I don’t know if I can talk…

On her way out of LA, Jenn and I stopped at Joan’s on Third just like old times.

Here’s the New York Breakfast Sandwich with eggs, bacon and so much cheese on grilled sourdough bread. It’s BOMB!

And a blended mocha to get my chocolate fix!

SO glad you got to visit babe, we all miss you and it was so good to see you! Not allowed to go that long without seeing each other again! Until next time, love youuu xoxo


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